Sesión Aplicaciones de la Matemática y Física Matemática

Diciembre 15, 12:00 ~ 12:20

Blow up versus global existence for competing diffusions

Perez-llanos, Mayte

In this work we analyze certain problems which are related to opinion formation models, whose dynamics are based meanly on persuasion. It is known that if the individuals in the population behave according the rules established just taking into account the interactions between agents, they reach consensus in finite time. However, under the presence of noise this convergence to an agreement can be lost. We study the PDEs corresponding to these interaction rules and see that these facts reckon on the balance between two competing diffusions, which give rise either to global solutions or blow-up in finite time.

Autores: pasqualetti, Guillermo / Perez-llanos, Mayte / pinasco, juan pablo.