Sesión Aplicaciones de la Matematica y Fisica Matematica (II)

Diciembre 12, 15:50 ~ 16:30

Dirac systems, Morse families and Interconnection

Martín de Diego, David

In this talk, we provide a generalization of the notion of Dirac system by using Morse families to intrinsically embrace the dynamics associated with different physical systems such as constrained variational calculus, optimal control,Lagrangian mechanics, etc., from both the Lagrangian and the Hamiltonian viewpoint. Besides, we will introduce a geometric construction of Port-Dirac systems and will use it to describe the interconnection of Dirac systems. Special emphasis on theoretical and applied examples will be given to show the applicability of the proposed framework.

Autores: Martín de Diego, David / Barbero-Liñán, María / Cendra, Hernán / García-Toraño Andrés, Eduardo.